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Everyone’s favourite game of brutal skirmish combat in the Mortal Realms steps up the carnage with Warcry: Heart of Ghur. This is a new and revamped edition, and has a two-week pre-order window. The box contains two incredible new wargames, all set to fight across rope bridges and bamboo barricades among the flesh-eating trees of Gnarlwood, with the help of some tasty new rules.
Straight from the festering swamps north of Gnarlwood, the Rotmire Creed head to the Ravening Ruin of Talaxis to seek the ingredients for their elixir of immortality. The industrious Horns of Hashut, on the other hand, bring the flame and fury of their dark god to Ghur, seeking to level its lush vegetation to make way for their forge fires.
Heart of Ghur contains 20 finely detailed plastic miniatures, along with 18 pieces of new Gnarlwood-themed scenery and a two-sided game board, as well as all the cards, counters, dice and accessories you need to play.

This box also contains the new Warcry sourcebook and a volume of Warband Rot and Ruin, which provides rules and background for the two new Warbands.

The Heart of Ghur boxed set will be available while stocks last, but the miniatures, terrain and books it contains will be released separately at a later date. However, if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on them, grab this awesome box set while you can.

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