Includes five plastic FV432 Armoured Personnel Carriers, which can also be assembled as mortar carriers or Swingfire guided missile vehicles, six resin vehicle commander figures, eight resin mortar crew, decal sheet & four unit cards.

The FV432 armoured personnel carrier is the British equivalent of the ubiquitous American M113.The design is very conventional, being made of welded steel plates and capable of carrying a section of ten infantry.

The FV432 is used as a ‘battle taxi’, delivering the infantry to the battlefield safely protected from small arms and artillery fire. Once there, the infantry dismount to fight on foot, while the FV432 APCs retire behind cover, ready to provide a mobile reserve of fire in the event of an enemy infantry attack.

FV432 Mortar Carrier
The mortar platoon mounts the reliable 81mm mortar in its FV432 APCs. The L16 mortar has excellent range and is very useful. With 160 mortar bombs, it can lay down quick bombardments to pin down enemy infantry, as well as firing sustained smoke bombardments to cover its own infantry in the assault.

Swingfire Missile Vehicle
The Swingfire missile is somewhat unique in two respects. Firstly, it can ‘swing’ up to 90 degrees on launch, giving it a very wide field of fire. Secondly, the gunner can remotely control the missile launcher from up to 50m (165 feet) away. This allows the FV438 Swingfire launch vehicle to be positioned in cover, or even out of sight of the enemy when it fires.